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Reservations are now open up to the end of July 2024.

Please note we will not be opening reservations beyond this date as exciting changes are coming to our restaurant family! Watch this space!


Please note we are closed at the following times for staff holidays (inclusive):

29th - 30th March

25th May - 4th June

27th July - 13th August

Maximum table size is 6 persons.

If you are unable to book a table for the number required it may be because there is no availability. We cannot guarantee that additional persons can be added to a booking at a later date.


Please ensure you follow the booking process through to completion, including providing card details to secure your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email for your booking. If you do not receive this email please contact the restaurant ASAP.

Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

We advise pre-booking taxis for travel to and from the restaurant, as it can be very difficult to secure a taxi on the evening. We recommend Amber Taxis 01539442000 and John's Taxis 07759143423.

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